Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is Lidge OK?

Just curious how the rest of the Phillies fans are feeling about Brad Lidge and the 5 blown saves so far. As for me I am OK with him struggling a bit. I heard him interviewed today and he was talking about how he felt physically good but was frustrated with his performance.
I feel good as long as he is healthy. In Major League baseball scouting is obviously a huge deal. I think they have the book on him a little more this year and I believe he will make the necessary adjustments by play-off time. He is a smart player and I believe last years Lidge will surface sometime soon.

To go along with that idea, I am concerned with the Phillies staff as a whole. I know they are winning but they need to get consistent pitching from both the starters and the pen to repeat. Hitting the crap out of the ball will win games now but come play-off time it's the pitching the dominates.

I know this is all premature as we still have a long way to go. I have the up most faith in the Phillies (been a while since you could say that) players and coaches and look for them repeat. Yeah I know, I am a homer and it certainly affected my judgment in that last statement.

I am throwing the question out to you now. Is Lidge OK?

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  1. I'm not worried, but something has to be done, and soon. Throw someone else in the closing spot for a bit. Give Lidge some time to think, or something. I don't think you can just ignore it and it'll fix itself.