Saturday, May 30, 2009

Four Changes That Would Improve Youth Baseball

I have a few people who like to give me a hard time if I do not put a post up for them to read each day. So while I am working on Part 2 of The Art Of Communication I will give you another question you can comment on. This is yet another passage from Bob Cluck's Think Better Baseball: Secrets From Major League Coaches And Players For Mastering The Mental Game.

He suggests that four changes would improve youth baseball.

The 4 Changes

1. Using a pitching machine below the major league level.

2. Do away with All-Star teams. Instead, play a month longer for all of the kids. Then we don't have to tell 90 percent of the kids in June, "You're not good enough, see you next year."

3. Give rewards for attitudes, not athletic ability. Have an "all-attitude team" instead of an All-Star team. Reward nice kids who are team players and improve the most because they listen to coaches.

4. Rotate positions in games so every player gets to play his favorite position. This way, players would learn to play baseball with a better understanding of game situations, coaches would be responsible for teaching baseball to all their kids, and players would enjoy the experience so much more.

When I read this I knew it would be a controversial topic so have at it everyone. Leave a comment and make your argument. I am very curious to hear all your responses.

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  1. I could not agree more with your 4 changes. The politics that go on at our ball park each year with regards to selecting boys for the all stars is unreal. The hard part would be changing everyone and their attitudes towards the whole All star concept.